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Assistant Professor – University of Texas Arlington, Arlington, Texas

City Planner – City of Greenville, Texas

Adjunct Assistant Professor – University of Texas Arlington, Arlington, Texas

Landscape Architect | Planner – Halff Associates, Richardson, Texas

Landscape Designer – Norris Design, Denver, Colorado

Landscape Architecture and Planning Intern – Design Collective Inc., Baltimore, Maryland

Landscape Architecture Intern – Corporate Green LLC., Baton Rouge, Louisiana

National Guardsman, 1088th Battalion, Plaquemine, Louisiana


Irving Parks, Rec and Open Space Master Plan  

Parks Master plan that provides an overall parks and recreation needs assessment and an identification of land acquisition opportunities to better serve the community and improve the quality of life for residents.  

Allen Trails Master Plan  

Plan addresses trail gaps within Allen’s on-street and off-street network. provides recommendations for trail widening, and opportunities for enhancements within the Central Business District. 

Plano Parks, Recreation, Open Space, and Trails Master Plan  

Plan focuses on making connections between parks and facilities, reflecting the growing diversity of residents, and developing urban park standards incorporates usable open space into high-density developments. 

Terrell Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan  

Master plan addresses open space conservation, park development, and trail linkages focusing on the programming and development of parks. 

IMAGINE Mustang Comprehensive Plan  

City-wide plan that provides recommendations on Mustang’s town center design and location, housing mixture, stormwater management, transportation and mobility, and economic development. 

RENEW Texarkana Comprehensive Plan  

City-wide plan developed to serve as a guide for future development and it experiences population growth. 

2017 The Colony Trails & Bikeways Master Plan  

Master plan developed trail standards for future trail projects; prioritized trail routes for future funding efforts and provided preliminary opinions of probable cost for each trail segment. 

McKinney Parks, Rec, Open Space & Trails Visioning Master Plan 

The Visioning Master Plan envisions smart growth and implementation of parks, trails, economic growth for the city through 2040


Master in Community Development Policy and Practice – University of New Hampshire

Master in Landscape Architecture – University of Colorado Denver

Bachelor in Landscape Architecture – Louisiana State University


LARC 5301 | Site Planning and Development Process 

Presents the processes and practices of site planning and development, including site inventory, analysis, and assessment of potential building sites. 

LARC 5320 | Graphic Communications for Landscape Architects 

Primary class for the development of graphic and communication skills in landscape architecture. Provides a method for transferring conceptual ideas into legible graphic presentations. 

LARC 5340 | Professional Practice of Landscape Architecture 

Ethical, legal, and administrative aspects of the public, private, and academic spectrums of practice in landscape architecture. 

LARC 5342 | Landscape Technology II

Examines hardscape materials and methods typical to the practice of landscape architecture, through readings, examinations, design detail exercises, and the creation of a complete set of construction documents.

LARC 5344 | Park Planning and Design 

History, data collection, program formulation, and design principles for public and private park and recreation systems and sites. Includes management objectives, operations and maintenance, and public input as planning components. 

LARC 5662 | Design Studio II

Basic design principles and their application to three-dimensional spaces. Examines how humans occupy exterior space and combines this information with the principles of design to create garden scale models. Models are used as a medium for design expression. Landscape character, design simulation, landscape media, landscape context, and human spatial experience are included.

UDES 2441 | Urban Diagramming & Communication I

This course establishes a framework for understanding how design is used to create sustainable urban communities. An interdisciplinary course, its focus is upon heightening student awareness of the built environment by investigative sketching and measuring, as well as by digital means. This process of documenting encompasses the human uses of objects and systems that comprise an urban community: buildings, public spaces, landscape, transportation systems, waterways, and other infrastructure.  Issues of social and economic equity are introduced, as well as the roles that human interaction and participation play in successful design strategies.

Fredrick Douglass

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